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The vision of Carpe Digits is to create lasting prosperity and open up opportunities for Founder striving to achieve success. We pledge to be the best “Growth Partners” to Founders and their teams, fostering an environment where the odds of success dramatically increase.

In order to fulfill this vision, we will collaborate with early stage companies, offering flexible support where necessary. We are aware that early stage companies benefit greatly from having access to funding, effective capital deployment, and a thorough a deep understanding of product market fit.

Our goal is not just to ensure the success of one company, but to foster a positive environment where prosperity is shared and humankind can rise together towards a brighter future. Carpe Digits stands for helping companies succeed in the early stages of development, and giving back to society to close the loop of prosperity.

  • health benefits (medical, dental, etc.)

  • company laptop for remote work

  • bonus and incentive opportunities

  • slack community

  • 401k